Live Lettering Pop Up with Simply Placed

Live Lettering Pop Up with Simply Placed

If you were searching for the perfect piece to make your house feel like a home, what would you choose? How would you make it unique to only you? Personalization! 


Sydney Ortega, owner and curator of Simply Placed, a home decor store on the North Shore of Boston, wanted to make sure her customers not only found the perfect piece to make their home special but she wanted to make sure it was unique to them. 

Sydney partnered with Antea Amoroso for a hand lettering pop up to do just that! Her store had only been open a few weeks when she hosted the pop up in September 2021. As an added bonus, Sydney also saw her sales double and even triple from the previous weekends on the day of the pop up! 

How did you learn about Antea Amoroso Designs?

Oh gosh, I can't pinpoint the moment, but I found myself following and connecting with women-owned businesses on the North Shore through Instagram, and of course, Antea was one of them.

Why did you book a Pop Up with Antea? 

I admire the community and following she's built from the ground up by being her authentic self. It's HARD putting yourself out there, building a business, giving back, doing good, growing your business — all while having a family, being a friend and taking care of yourself. To me, she does it so effortlessly. I wanted to invite Antea into Simply Placed because of all of that; her personality and her work fit the bill for holidays, gifts, and families. 

CLICK HERE for 3 Reasons to Host a Hand Lettering Pop Up with Antea Amoroso at your Boston area boutique or shop. 


What was the best thing about Antea's Pop Up? 

HER! Seriously, Antea is just all-around good vibes, and her following is the same. People love something custom, and she can do that on the spot with just about anything.

Do you think your business experienced more foot traffic or exposure to new customers? 

Absolutely! We were still super new, but the shop experienced a 157% sales increase from the previous Sunday and more than 300% than the week before. As I mentioned before, people love what she's built and admire her work and authenticity, so they come flying in! Even if people didn't know her, I found my customers love customized live lettering. It was a one-stop shop. 

Would you recommend booking a Pop Up with Antea for others? 


For a look at a fun pop up hosted by Kendra Scott in Reading, MA, click HERE.

What does a Pop Up with Antea Amoroso include?

  • Pre-event promotion on Antea’s Instagram (20k followers) and Facebook (3.8k followers) pages — as well as in our monthly email newsletter and on our website
  • A minimum of 2-hours of in-store custom, complimentary hand lettering services for your customers
  • Free gift and exclusive discount code for your customers
  • Raffle item of your choice from the Antea Amoroso Designs shop

Where are Antea Amoroso Pop Ups offered?

Pop Ups with Antea Amoroso Design are offered in Beverly, MA and surrounding areas, including North Reading, Wakefield, Woburn, Lynnfield, Middleton, Stoneham, and Reading.

For more information about Hand Lettering Pop Ups or to book your event, click here.

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